Black Friday starts now! Prices locked in until Nov 30th. Shop Now
Black Friday starts now! Prices locked in until Nov 30th. Shop Now

    BSD BMX Frames Now at City Grounds

    City Grounds is stoked to offer BSD BMX Frames! This is rider owned and fueled! They pay attention to the small details and take what their customers say and apply that to one of a kind shredding machines!  HEAR IT FROM BSD :  It all began back in the summer of 1991 when a group of BMX friends started making videos of the trips they went on and the jams they took part in. From the first video Stress Kings to Steel Rods and Steezy Rider the BSD name was born. At our core BSD’s ethos was and still is about hanging out...

    2020 SE Bikes X CG Big Ripper Vid

    SE Bikes and City Grounds are back it again in with the all-new CG Big Ripper! 29" wheels, Polished Finish and sealed hubs all around this year's edition is a work of art. The SE X CG Big Ripper is only available at City Grounds and is limited in quantity each year. Be sure to scoop yours up while supplies last! City Grounds hit the streets of Huntington Beach, Surf City USA to scope out the scene. The boardwalk was packed all day with people who were stoked to see that wheel up! Catch us in a neighborhood near you...Never...

    Sunday Bikes 2020 Line Top Picks!

    In 2020, Sunday Bikes continue to be the benchmarks for value, quality and style that other brands measure themselves against with features like integrated head tubes on the Blueprint, sealed cassettes on the Primer, Odyssey Clutch v2 Freecoasters on the Forecaster and Odyssey Twisted Pro Pedals and Path Pro Tires throughout the majority of the line, Sunday can’t be beaten for 2020. We hope you’ll enjoy riding these bikes as much as we’ve enjoyed making them. Our top picks for 2020: 2020 Sunday Soundwave  This is the best complete bike that money can buy. Combine an aftermarket Soundwave frame and...

    GT Heritage Big Wheel BMX Bikes 2020

    We got a chance to hop on the new 26" Pro Performer from GT's Heritage line and we must say it is a blast from the past! We can appreciate the modern upgrades these bikes come with like sealed hubs,  sealed bottom brackets, and an integrated headset! These new 2020 models feel really solid and have the reliability you can expect from GT. We can't wait to take another one of these classic machines on a test ride again real soon! GT has such a rad line this 2020 and we are really stoked to see what comes next. 

    We The People 2020 Complete Bikes

    We The People enters this season with a brand new line of complete bikes. Every bike has been painstakingly studied, analyzed and reworked in order to create a finely tuned machine that takes the progress we have made over the past two decades and combines it with the liveliest color schemes, most advanced components, and a flavor of where BMX is heading in 2020. As always, this year’s bikes are stacked with a whole line of groundbreaking and innovative new parts from WETHEPEOPLE and Éclat.

    CABDA West 2020 Booth Highlights & Overview

      City Grounds heads to San Diego for the CABDA West 2020 Bicycle Expo. We had a chance to stop by a few booths and get the scoop on what is headed our way in 2020! We had such a blast seeing all the new goodies our manufacturers, vendors, and distributors had to offer this year. We look forward to seeing you all again next year CABDA! About CABDA Bicycle Expo: For our second year at the Del Mar Racetrack near San Diego, we’ve expanded our floorplan by nearly 100%. We’ve added more food and lodging options, three brand new...

    SE Bikes X CG Big Ripper 2020 Limited Edition

    SE Bikes X CG Big Ripper 2020 Limited Edition

    City Grounds HQ Builds Up SE Bikes Big Ripper DBlocks

    Watch & learn as our mechanic builds up the SE Bikes DBlocks Edition Big Ripper 29" BMX bike! We go step-by-step through what it takes to build up a complete bike, hoping to help educate you and help guide you when deciding if you want to build your bike up yourself, or bring it into your local mechanic.

    Throne Goon 29" Fixie BMX In Stock

    In collaboration with one of LA's urban cyclists and underground MCs, Throne Cycles created an developed a seamless introduction into the 29" urban street bike culture with street legend BlocBoi Fame. The new Throne Goon 29" BMX Fixie Bike is meant for the streets and overall shredding! Check out the introduction video from Throne, showing off the Goon in action: Get the new Throne Goon BMX Fixie bike at City Grounds now in 3 different color options, hit the link below to check it out! Shop Now

    Video: BMX Riders Crash LA Marathon

    For years now urban cyclists have been crashing the LA Marathon course, taking advantage of the wide open streets the night before the big race. Once dominated by track bikes racing neck and neck during races organized by a group known as Wolfpack Hustle, the Marathon Crash ride has evolved over time to all sorts of riders. This year was a prime example of that evolution, when hundreds of BMX bike riders, mostly on SE Bikes big BMX bikes, flooded the course. Check out the videos below, featuring highlights from the BMX riders crashing the course. And this one, from Todd Lyons...

    Video: @RRDBlocks On The CG x SE Ripper

    Check out the latest video from @RRDBlocks out in the city streets of New York, flexing on the new City Grounds x SE Bikes Big Ripper 29" BMX Bike! Oh, and don't miss out on the cameo from acclaimed rapper Biz Markie in awe of the skills at the 2 minute mark. Get the new limited edition Big Ripper bike only at City Grounds, hit the link below to check it out! Shop Now

    We The People BMX 2018 In Stock Now

    Every year that passes, We The People, endeavor to make fundamental enhancements to their collection of complete BMX bikes in the most astounding way. It's no surprise that this year they have kept to their word and not only designed a collection of that absolutely over shadows every single model before it, but also redefines an entire generation of complete BMX bikes. Whether you are looking for a freestyle trick bmx bike, a more versatile bmx cruiser bike, or even a klunker - We The People has you covered. For 2018, We The People has introduced new models this year along with carefully selected...