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HMP eMoped - More Miles, No Emissions

HMP eMoped - More Miles, No Emissions

It's a bike... It's a motorcycle... It's a... Class 2 e-bike!

Getting an eMoped is a low-maintenance, one-time purchase that you will reap benefits from for years. HMP's class 2 e-bikes are the perfect fit for anybody looking for fun, versatile, and convenient transportation without the hassles of gas, DMV fees, and sweaty bike rides.

Without the need for a license, license plate, registration, or insurance HMP eMoped's are a great way to skip the traffic and packed parking lots. Because they are classified as bikes, they can ride on bike lanes and park virtually anywhere. Also, you can enjoy the outdoors on any trail that allows trail riding.


Shop the line up of HMP eMoped's and discover the freedom and simplicity these bikes have to offer.