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Helmet Guide

Helmet Guide

How to choose a bike helmet?

Choosing a helmet can be a difficult process. With so many options and features it can be overwhelming figuring out what the best option is for you. A good way of narrowing down your options is considering what kind of bike riding your going to be doing most often. Once you determine where and how you will be riding your bike you can begin to focus on the helmet features that are most important to you. Below is a list of possible options depending on what category of cycling your into.

BMX Helmets

BMX Helmets are designed for BMX freestyle riders, racers, and pump track riders. They are usually low profile, hard shell with few if any vents. A BMX helmet is also great for those looking for a casual all around helmet.

Giro Quarter MIPS (MSRP: $65)

Low Profile with excellent MIPS protection. Check out the Giro Dime MIPS for kids sizes.

POC Crane (MSRP: $100)

Award winning helmet with a thicker shell. Check out the Pocito version for kids sizes.

Bell Local (MSRP: $65)

Tried and true classic BMX helmet, comes in the very popular Nitro circus version.


Mountain Helmets

Mountain Helmets usually offer more coverage and protection then other categories of helmets. Mountain helmets come in different varieties such as Full Face, Half Shell, Convertible, and All Around. Depending on the kinds of mountain trails you are riding you may opt for more or less protection. Full face being the highest level of protection.


Bell Sanction (MSRP: $95)

Low Profile full face helmet at a great price point.

POC Tectal (MSRP: $190)

Lightweight reliable protection with reinforced EPS liner.

POC Kortal Race MIPS (MSRP: $250)

Complete protection for trail and enduro riding. Superior MIPS protection


Commuter Helmets

Commuter Helmets are great for those looking for basic protection on casual rides. Perfect for an easy ride around town or a trip to the grocery store.

Giro Register MIPS (MSRP: $60)

Sleek and lightweight helmet with MIPS protection

POC Omne Air Spin (MSRP: $150)

Sharp looking, low-profile helmet. Great for both commuting and hard-core road cycling


Bell Daily MIPS LED (MSRP: $100)

Versatile commuter helmet with LED light for visibility


Road Helmets

Road Helmets are designed for speed. They are designed to be lightweight, aerodynamic, and have lots of ventilation.


POC Omne Air Spin (MSRP: $150)

Sharp looking, low-profile helmet. Great for both commuting and hard-core road cycling

Bell Drifter MIPS (MSRP: $100)

Versatile Helmet with MIPS and visor

Giro Syntax MIPS (MSRP: $130)

Classic style road helmet with excellent ventilation