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Essential E-Bike Safety Tips

Essential E-Bike Safety Tips

E-Bike Safety Tips

Staying safe on an E-bike is very similar to staying safe on a standard bike. Here are some important safety tips for riding and maintaining your e-bike.


  1. Wear a Helmet – While we always recommend a helmet no matter what kind of bike you are riding, the faster speeds you can attain on an e-bike make protecting your head more important than ever. Wearing a helmet can save your life in a crash.
  1. Be Seen- Visibility is crucial when riding in traffic. We recommend the use of both front and rear lights, and high visibility clothing.


  1. Watch your Speed- E-bikes can reach speeds of 28mph or more. Ease into the higher power settings and get a feel for the bike before going full throttle. With the added weight and high speed, you will need to train yourself to brake earlier than you may be used to.


  1. Follow the Rules of the Road- Know your local laws and always follow the rules of the road to keep yourself safe. Be aware of your surroundings and only ride at appropriate speeds for the area you are riding in.


  1. Maintain your bike- Accidents can happen if you don’t properly maintain your bike. Keep tires properly inflated, test your brakes, make sure your battery is properly charged and installed, and keep bolts properly tensioned.


  1. Battery Safety- Most e-bikes and e-scooters are powered by lithium-ion batteries. When lithium-ion batteries are damaged, they can overheat, catch on fire, and even lead to explosions. When fires occur, they also tend to burn very hot and can be difficult to extinguish. To charge safely, follow these best practices:
    • Buy an electric bike that is certified by a qualified testing laboratory.
    • Never use charging equipment that didn’t come with your device, and always follow the manufacturers instructions for charging and storage.
    • Stop using your device if the battery shows signs of damage.
    • Do not leave an electric bike unattended while it’s charging, and don’t leave it charging overnight.