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CG Pick: Crew Bike Co. City-1 Bike

CG Pick: Crew Bike Co. City-1 Bike

Crew Bike Co. burst into the fixed gear bike scene a few years ago when they unveiled their urban cycling collection including the popular District frame, along with quality parts and components. After creating a bike like the District, Crew has worked to produce a new complete bike that caters to the casual urban cyclist. Thus, the Crew Bike Co. City-1 Single-Speed Bike was born.

Crew Bike Co. City-1 Bike

The City-1 is a laid back commuter / city bike that was built strong enough to withstand the city streets, but with simplicity in mind for the on-the-go cyclist.

Crew Bike Co. City 1 Bike

Not only was the City-1 a well thought out complete bike, the price point puts this bike over the top in value at only $189.00 (plus a free light set!)

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