Murf The Higgs ST Electric Commuter Bike


Murf The Higgs ST Electric Commuter Bike



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1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

May vary per manufacturer.

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  • The Higgs Step-Through is the perfect electric bike for shorter riders


    Classic Style.
    Comfortable Ride. 

    The newest member in the Murf lineup of electric bikes is the Higgs Step-Through. Our goal during the design phase was to create the best electric bike for short riders. We started with our Mini Murf frame and adjusted the top bar to make it super easy to get on and off for our most vertically challenged friends. We also lowered the seat post by more than 3 inches so that riders with shorter inseams can comfortably reach their feet to the ground while at a stop. The result of these changes is a high quality electric bike that is fast, fun, and easy to ride.


    How fast will it go?

    25 miles per hour

    What's the range?

    Up to 45 miles

    What's the peak power?

    750 Watts


    Easy. Fast. Fun :)


    It's not just for shorter riders.

    The Higgs Step-Through can be adjusted to fit riders from 4'11" tall all the way to 6'4" tall. Use the tabs on the right to see how riders of different heights look on the Higgs Step-Through. We think this might just be the best electric bike for women, men, and young adults.


    - Tyler is 6 feet 3 inches tall

    - Kiara is 5 feet 1 inches tall


    More Impressive Features


    Super bright
    off-road style headlight 

    This ruggedly good looking headlight packs a serious punch. Effortlessly light up the ground in front of you on your ride home after catching an epic sunset.


    Rugged rear rack
    built in to the frame 

    Riding is fun on its own, but when you add utility into the mix it takes the expereince to a whole new level. The built in rear rack on the Higgs Step-Through was designed to attach surf racks, baskets, panniers, and almost anything else you can think of. We've also included multiple threaded holes on the rack that can be used for future Murf accessories or maybe something you come up with on your own.


    Full color
    display screen 

    Being able to see all of your Murf's essential stats is crucial. This upgraded display screen will keep all relevant information right in front of your face. Track your speed, battery level, power output, and other important metrics.


    Powerful 52 
    volt battery 

    If we could only give one piece of electric bike buying advice, it would be to buy a bike with a 52 volt battery. Higher voltage batteries are able to deliver the same amount of power while using less current. This equates to less heat being generated within the system, increased efficiency, and a longer lifespan. Murf uses high quality, name brand, lithium-ion cells in all of our battery packs.

    The Details

    Item   Value

    Top Speed


    25 MPH

    Motor Type


    Rear Hub

    Motor Wattage


    500 Nominal / 750 Peak

    Pedal Assist


    Yes, 5 levels



    Yes, While in class 2 mode



    Integrated super bright LED



    52 Volt

    Battery Capacity


    15 Amp Hour

    Tire Size





    Hydraulic Disk Brakes



    Single Speed



    65 LBS

    E-Bike Class


    2 or 3. User selectable/changeable



    2 year warranty

    Fun Level




    What type of brakes?

    Hydraulic Disk Brakes


    2 Year Warranty

    Does it have a throttle?



    Charge time?

    About 6 hours

    What class e-bike?

    2 or 3 | User selectable

    Pedal assist?

    Yes! 5 levels

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    • 2. Brief description of the claim
    • 3. Photographs
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    • • Damage from unintended style of riding, abuse, neglect, accident, and racing
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    • • Failure to provide regular maintenance of any product

    Labor and shipping are the responsibility of the customer. We do not cover parts purchased and labor performed by another bike shop.

    Note: Warranty is for original owner only.

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