Bike Delivery Options


Assembled & Delivered

Buying a bike has never been easier

You want a bike that’s ready to ride, delivered right to your door! No greasy hands, no buying tools, just hop on and go. With this option, your bike will be shipped to one of our trusted mechanics who will build and tune the bike for you, then drop it off, ready to go, wherever you are! This is the closest you can get to downloading one of our bikes straight from the web.

Note, Due to high demand and circumstances with COVID-19, there may be delays with Assembled & Delivered requests. Current delivery times may exceed 5 to 10 business days.

*Only available in major metropolitan areas




Time to grab some tools and get to work.

This isn’t your first (or your last) bike. You’ve got the grease, tools, and know-how to get the job done, and you enjoy working on the things you own. We get it. With this option, your bike will ship in a bike box mostly assembled (the same way the shops get ‘em!). We’ll hook you up with the necessary info, user manual, etc… and you can build it up on your terms.