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    Gold & White

    Received our second batch of Aerospokes in gold and white!

    Aerospokes Now Available!

    Finally!  We ordered our Aerospoke wheels 6 weeks ago and got our first batch in black.  We'll be receiving gold and white in the coming weeks.  Now available at LBFG

    All-City Hubs, Pedals, Cages, Straps

    We just received a good size stock of All-City components (Hubs, Pedals, Cages, Straps).  This will be available at LBFG in the next few days. 

    H-Plus Son In Stock!

    Our friend Kenji Takamatsu hooked us up with a few H-Plus Son Rims.  Now available at LBFG in 700c & 650c!

    Congo Gets Pitted

    Congo doing some Smoothies - Compliments to Tanner

    HED 3 Wheels

    New shipment of HED 3 wheels just in... get them @ LBFG! Available in 700c and 650c

    New Logo from Benny Gold Designs

    Check out our new company logo, City Grounds, and the new store logo for LBFG.  I think they turned out dope! We were fortunate enough to work with one of the best graphic designers in the biz, Benny Gold.   He is the design genius behind Mash, Huf, and his own label, Benny Gold (see below).  He has been blowing up in the last few years and has worked with notable companies such as Stussy, Nike, Adidas, DVS, and many other respected brands.  Check out his projects here. Benny Gold Logo City Grounds Logo LBFG Logo

    Setting Up Shop - LBFG

    It took us a good 4 months to remodel and setup shop for LBFG - Long Beach Fixed Gear. This will give you guys an idea of what we had to deal with.  Notice how our shop used to be connected to the Village Grind (next door neighbors).            

    New Store, New Website, New Blog, New Year

    It has definitely been an exciting, exhausting, and humbling experience opening up LBFG. It is hard to believe that the store was just an idea back in June 2008. This of course would not have been possible without the support from my team (Pops, Jack, Eric, Christopher), family, friends, and the Long Beach locals. Considering that we've only been open for two months, a strong community has been created out of our 450 sq/ft shop, and it's truly inspiring! It is unbelievable to see how quickly the scene has progressed. It really has become something of a global movement. I...