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Featured Video // FOAD: Gang Signs

The guys over at FOAD ( just dropped their full length feature "Gang Signs", a near 40 minute edit combining fixed gear freestyle tricks, bombing hills and few crashes in between. FOAD is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, but also features riders coming out of California, Washington and Berlin as well as some cameos from familiar Long Beach locals. It's good seeing a group of riders like this get creative and put a ton of effort in what turned out to be a great edit. Check it out below and look for more good things coming from the FOAD crew.

'FOAD started off as group of highschool kids back in 2007 who found friendship in riding bikes. Bombing hills, doing tricks, and causing a ruckus around town. Since that time we became more interested in the freestyle side of fixed gear. Six months ago we decided to take things one step further by making a full length video. Each rider brings their unique style to the table.'

Support these guys and grab the DVD which includes and additional 25 minutes of extras and stickers with purchase over at

Edited/Directed by Jackson Bradshaw Filmed by Sam Allgood, Jackson Bradshaw, and Evan Service