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Vivos Bikes // In Stock Now at City Grounds!

We are excited to announce the arrival of Vivos Bikes and their range of complete bikes as well as wheelsets to City Grounds! Vivos has set their focus on creating practical and affordable complete bikes for everyone from the casual cruiser to the city commuter. To start, they are offering two complete bikes, an aluminum fixed gear / single-speed bike called the 'Motus' and a steel fixed gear / single-speed bike called the 'Vida'. Along with the complete bikes, we are also offering 36H wheelsets from Vivos available in black, polish and red.

"Vivos is the minimalist and utilitarian take on the bicycle. It’s simple; we promote the bicycle as a tool for a wide array of recreational uses at a sensible price. From Los Angeles, New York City, Minneapolis to Portland and more - we are inspired by alternative transportation used within metropolitan areas. Incorporating a customized design and aesthetic, our bikes stand out from the rest."


Check out the official Vivos Bikes catalog here.