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Team Cinelli Chrome // Fixed Gear Crit Racing Team

Two of our favorite and most popular brands Cinelli and Chrome have created a monster in the form of a Fixed Gear Crit Racing Team! They officially made their debut at Red Hook last weekend and you should expect to see them clad in their bright kits at a race near you. Definitely an impressive roster of riders, we can't wait to see how they impact the racing scene and love that two major brands are a strong push in the fixed gear crit racing field. Check out the full press release below or visit to stay updated on the latest.

'Track bike, fixed-gear, brakeless. No freewheel, no stops. Creative and competitive. This is Team Cinelli Chrome. Different from others living cyclism. No pro-director, masseurs or official mechanics. An independent, semi-organized posse, perfectly self-sufficient, total autonomy travelers. It takes shape to race six international Fixed Gear Criteriums, and blends into the urban fabric after the races. A handful of characters borrowed from the city: bike messengers, track champions, and former Pro Tour mechanics.


Fixed Gear Criteriums are not a fad. They’re a direct outcome of the progression of the fixed-gear movement. This phenomenon was arguably born in San Francisco among the bike messengers and is now well established all around the world as a way of commuting and communicating. A way of being: free, creative, independent.


Cinelli and Chrome have contributed to the dawn of this world. Before it was fashionable. Against any rational reason or strategic marketing idea. People thought we were fools. Today they chase. Joined by common values and mutual respect for making great products, Cinelli and Chrome are proud to support Team Cinelli Chrome.'

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