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State Bicycle Co. 6061 Black Label Complete Bike Review // By The Awarewolfs

Charlie from The Awarewolfs (more on him and the brand coming soon..) wrote up a solid and informative review regarding the State Bicycle Co. 6061 Black Label bike. Plus, he customized his with some great digital camo decals! It's definitely worth the read, check out a small snippet from the review below and click the link at the bottom of this post to see more! Also, make sure to check out the 6061 Black Label bikes available now at City Grounds for $759.00 (Plus use code 50BUCKS for $50 off your purchase!)

My first fixed gear, had the big thick aluminum tubing. I wanted the thick tubing cause it just looked mean. That’s all I was concerned about. I, like a lot of kids who rush in to buying an aluminum framed fixed gear, probably paid a little too much but I rode that bike ALL around and really liked it actually. Then I learned more about fixed gears and realized that there isn’t much which sets aluminum frames apart from other aluminum frames. 


Then I started wondering why the bike that I was currently riding cost so much compared to other aluminum bikes like the Black Label. Which made me extra curious about this Black Label. Would I really notice a difference? It costs about $500 less than some other companies so where was I gonna loose out ya know? So far, after some heavy shredding, its still hard to see why other aluminum bikes go for so much more...



Photography c/o The Awarewolfs