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Prolly Is Not The Radavist? April Fools, He Prolly Is.

Yesterday as most of the City Grounds crew does I turned on my computer, grabbed my cup of coffee and navigated to my daily blogs. On the top of the reading list has always been John 'Prolly' Watson and his website However, instead of a somewhat friendly purple viking and a daily dose of bike porn, I was greeted with an alarmingly red page with nothing but an 'R' in a circle.

Confused and curious I tried refreshing the page, even typing in the URL again in case I had misspelled something. Despite my valiant effort, nothing changed. So, I checked out John's social media accounts, looking for answers. Unfortunately, John seemed to be as confused as I was:

After some digging, it looked like had been hacked. John claimed he was receiving cryptic messages / symbols from the hackers and that he just wanted to get his site back. I felt bad, knowing how much time and effort he's put into building that site and readership. For the rest of the day, much remained the same and it looked like all was lost for one of the most popular cycling blogs...

Fast forward to today, where I realize that it's April 1st and we've all been made fools. In a clever marketing ploy, John has launched his new site under the veil of a April Fools Joke. is a revamp of the original Prolly site with a new direction, layout, and color scheme including new contributors and much more content. It looks awesome and we can't wait to see what comes of this new site. Well done John, and congrats on the launch!

The-Radavist-1 From

"For almost ten years, Prolly is Not Probably has been one man’s voice. One person’s take on the ever-expanding world of cycling. Over the past few years, I’ve really struggled with the identity of the site. It may not be evident to you, the readership, but I’ve been conflicted for a long time.

When I finally chose to rename and rebrand PiNP, I had to come up with a name that I felt fit the tone, content and projection of where I saw cycling going for myself, as well as the readership. It needed a color and a mascot, or spirit animal that had to still look metal (right?)

Bikes are fucking amazing and I want more people’s voices, photography and experiences on the site. In order to do that, it can no longer be my own voice, it has to be a community. A community of like-minded individuals who I’ve gotten to know over the years and whose work I respect and admire. These authors will share their stories, photos and yes, even non-cycling related commentary. In short: cycling-related and unrelated."