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Aventon Mataro Fixed Gear Bike Complete // Customer Build

Although the black on black Aventon Mataro Complete has been a favorite among our customers, the polished version is steadily making a comeback charge. With all black components and the pop of the silver polish, this bike really does look like a beast. I grabbed one before a customer came to pick it up and got a quick shot of it in the CG warehouse.

What's crazy is this is what it looks like stock, out of the box at only $539.00. Plus, if you aren't local its available for free shipping. But that might not even be the best part, as an added bonus and because we are stoked in general on these builds, we are throwing in both a riser bar and a bullhorn bar so you can choose which type you want to ride (at no extra cost!).


If you haven't already, it's worth checking out the Aventon Mataro Complete when shopping for your next or first fixed gear bike. Did I mention we added the pink color to the lineup? Check it all out for yourself, click here to shop now >>