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2014 Leader 725 Track Frame // Product Highlight & Video

Leader Bikes has been putting out some great weekly videos with team rider Josh Hayes walking the viewer through building up various Leader products. The video below features one of the most popular Leader product, the 2014 Leader 725 Track Frame. If you are looking into building up a bike using a Leader frame, this is a must see!

The Leader 725 frame comes with an upgraded tubeset, CNC dropouts and smooth invisible welds. Leader offers 7 color options using a high end polyurethane paint which is extremely scratch resistant and will keep your frame looking good for years.

The 2014 Leader 725 Track Frame is available at City Grounds now for $379.00 | Shop Now >>

Check out some shots of the Leader 725 in action featuring another Leader team rider, Alonso Tal. Photo's c/o Matt Lingo for Leader Bikes