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6KU Fixed Gear Bike // Product Overview & Sale!

The team at City Grounds strives to provide quality product at a reasonable price to our customers.  We try to educate our customers to understand that “you get what you pay for” in this market.  If you want to pay $99 for a Walmart Thruster, expect only $99 worth of quality out of that bike.  We’ve seen countless customers walk into our stores having to replace a variety of components on their Thruster.  We highly recommend you invest a little bit more for a quality long lasting bike like the 6KU fixed gear/single speed.


The 6KU fixed gear bike is by far the best ‘bang for your buck’ single-speed/fixed gear.  The 6KU originally retailed for $325, but we are offering the bike now for only $199!  With the rear wheel being a flip-flop hub, you have the option to ride the bike as a fixed gear, or you can coast with the freewheel.


6KU has come a long way since we first brought them in earlier this year.  What’s amazing about the 6KU team is that they really listened to our feedback, and made changes immediately to their geometry and components.  It’s easy to find sub-$200 fixies in the market today, but the 6KU is by far the best quality fixed gear bike under $200.

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