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NEW Arrival // Fyxation Complete Bikes & Framesets

City Grounds is proud to announce the arrival of Fyxation complete bikes and framesets! Coming out of Milwaukee, WI Fyxation has prided itself over the years in manufacturing an affordable yet quality line of products that are as functional as they are stylish.

"We believe that your bicycle can be a work of art, a tool in your job or a way to see the world through a different lens; we hope our products help make your bike look and ride the way you envisioned." - Fyxation

What we truly love about the Fyxation brand, and one of the main reasons we brought them in, is that they refuse to use "throw away parts" or cut corners when producing their products. While the rest of the bike industry is in a race towards the bottom of the price point battle, Fyxation has held true to creating quality and still affordable products.

Although we see ourselves steadily bringing in more Fyxation products over time, for now we are offering the Fyxation Eastside Complete Fixed Gear Bikes for $599.00 and the Fyxation Eastside Fixed Gear Framesets for $199.00 (reg. $219.00).

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