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Wolfpack Hustle 6th Street Drag Race // Registration Open Now!

Registration is now open for the Wolfpack Hustle Midnight Drag Race, the last event of the 2013 Unified Title Race Series. It's all going down on September 7th at the 6th Street bridge in LA. City Grounds has been a running the athlete's zone for all of the events and will be out there in full force to support the athletes. It should be an amazing event, make sure to come watch who takes home the coveted dog tags! FINAL_squareflyer_eventbrite-670x670Some more info about the race:

The Midnight Drag Race is an all out sprint race across the 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles CA. This is the final race of the 2013 Unified Title Series. Winner receive Dog Tags, the Chrome coveted jersey and cash. Points are awarded towards the Unified Title Series Championship.

This race is single speed only. Riders using geared systems will be required to prove that their gear shift system is disabled. 200 people will qualify individually against the entire field. CHOOSE A QUALIFIER HEAT Qualifiers will be timed individually 2 at a time so that people can race friends (or frenemies) and still have a good time even if they dont have a shot at winning over all. You will be precision timed to the hundreth of a second AGAINST THE ENTIRE FIELD. CHOOSE YOUR TIMING PARTNER WISELY. Choose someone slower than you and you’ll be less likely to push yourself with no one to chase.

FINAL ELMINATION ROUNDS The top 16 fastest Qualified competitors will go head to head in bracketed elimination rounds until a winner is determined. First place Mens / Womens will receive Wolfpack Hustle Dog Tags and the Chrome Coveted Jersey. Points are awarded for 1st place to 16th place.

THE CHROME THRONE The fastest time at the end of each heat will be awarded occupancy of the CHROME THRONE. Prizes and other goodies will be awarded to the THRONE occupant after each heat.

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