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NEW Arrival // Aventon Mataro Framesets

City Grounds is proud to announce the arrival of Aventon products into our online and retail stores! We just brought in the Aventon Mataro framesets, which include frame, fork and headset starting at only $349.00 with FREE shipping!  These aluminum framesets are about as aerodynamic and strong as they come and are available in matte black, gloss white or polish silver. Compared to other aluminum frames and framesets, its going to be hard to find you won't find a better deal out there.

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Aventon frames are also constructed using a special technique called Hydroforming, in which hydraulic pumps inject fluid at very high pressure inside the aluminum which causes it to expand until it matches the mold. Hydroformed parts are made with a higher stiffness-to-weight ratio and it allows the aluminum to be shaped into a structurally strong piece for greater strength.

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