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Devon Tsuno x Unknown Bikes for CBNC

The CBNC team is raffling off a few Unknown frames to raise money for their road trip up to Seattle for this years NACCC’s. They got Devon Tsuno on board to paint one of the Unknown LV2 frames and it turned out amazing! The frame along with an LV1 painted by Codak and a PS1 painted by Dave Flores will be up for auction starting this Sunday, for a week, at the CBNC 5th Anniversary Pop Up Store. This will take place at Gallery 1988 on 7020 Melrose Ave. More pics will be available on the Unknown Bikes blog soon, keep an eye out and make sure to support the CBNC team, pick up a raffle ticket here >>

Or, if you aren't feeling lucky - grab an Unknown LV2 for $249 by clicking here >>


Don't forget we have the Unknown LV2's on sale right now for $249.00, so if you don't end up winning but still want a frame, we got ya covered! Click here to shop >>

Photos c/o Unknown Bikes & Devon Tsuno