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2013 Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash // Photo Recap

The results are in, congratulations to all of the winners and participants in the 2013 Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash race! We couldn't have been more excited about being part of such a great event. From the registration party where we got to meet all of you and talk shop, to the race itself where we witnessed thousands of people competing for those elusive Wolfpack Dog Tags. A big thank you to Don a.k.a. Roadblock and the rest of the Wolfpack team. We can't wait until the next event, in the meantime - check out the photos from the registration party below: (Click to advance to next photo) We didn't catch any of our own video this year but luckily Rafael Hernandez put together a great edit of the party, check it out blow: Video cred: Shot/Edited by Rafael Hernandez (Vimeo >>) See more on the website >>