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About That Blog Life // Recommended Reading

Whether you have been cycling since birth or have just recently gotten into it, you might have noticed the strong community around the sport. Whether you are riding for fun, casually commuting, racing competitively, cyclocrossing, tricking or whatever else - you are part of that community.

The internet is also a big part of it, whether you like it or not. Setting trends, making fun of them, announcing and covering events, reviewing products or simply documenting the lifestyle. We appreciate the bloggers, the forums and the people that help grow the sport and always want to give credit where credit is due. So, without further ado - check out our quick list of featured blogs and recommended daily reading:

void(0) (Photo from // by John Watson

John "Prolly" Watson invented blogging. Ok, maybe not - but he is pretty much the godfather of the cycling blog world. John continuously churns out amazing photosets, product reviews, event coverage, and even ventures into creating products every once in a while. Don't be frightened by his viking-esque beard or taste in music, he's definitely worth checking out on the daily. Visit >> -------------------------- Patrick-Thames-Pedal-Consumption (Photo by Matt Lingo from // by Patrick Thames You know those Leader Kagero's everyone is hyped on and saving up for? You can thank this guy, Patrick Thames, who has been running the PedalConsumption site for years now. Patrick is always on point with his content selection and photography. He seems to always have a new product coming out and has been a long time supporter of City Grounds. Visit >>

-------------------------- blog.pedalroom (Photo from // by Christian Coomer Social networking - yeah, cycling has that. Christian Coomer is the Mark Zuckerberg of the cycling community. He's developed a pretty amazing site called Pedal Room, where users can upload bike builds, comment on others, sell/buy used goods, and much more. I'm on it, most of our staff is on it and you should be too. Visit >> --------------------------

31024815057 (Photo from // by Angelo Calilap

CycleAngelo is run by Angelo Calilap recently re-designed his website/tumblr and definitely made some great changes. You might see a post about a new product or event every once in a while, but the main focus is the documentation of Angelo's life as a cycling enthusiast. No advertising getting in the way, simply beautiful photography and great original content. Visit >> -------------------------- Other great resources & websites to check out: Takeover LA Bomb Hills Speed Kills Trackosaurus Rex TTV / Thieth Ride the Black Line Macaframa MASH SF Zlog Blog Locked Cog Rec Fail / Matt Lingo LAFixed Wolfdrawn 5th Floor Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments. If you weren't on this list please don't take it offensively, it is very likely we just accidentally left some out!