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Wolfpack Hustle // L.A. Times Article

Our friends over at Wolfpack Hustle were featured today in a Los Angeles Times article. We have enjoyed working with Don and the Wolfpack crew in the past for events and it's exciting to see them getting some great coverage for their positive influence on the cycling community. There is also an interesting dialogue going on in the comments section - some people advocating these kinds of rides, some internet tough guys and of course a troll or two. Whatever the case, we are glad to see a open discussion going on about cycling! ---------- Excerpt from the article (via Los Angeles Times) "It's past midnight, and a fluorescent glow settles over LAX as travelers wrestle bags down the sidewalk and shuttles dart in and out of terminals. A gust of whirring chains and gears cuts in. Speeding onto the departure level, a pack of bicyclists fans out across open lanes. Some sit up and stretch, no hands. One rider on a fixed-gear bike puts his feet up on the frame as the pedals furiously spin on their own. "Whoop! Whoop!" chirps one of the riders, warning of police up ahead. Wolfpack Hustle is on the move..." (Read More >>) Los Angeles Times article written by Ari Bloomekatz and Armand Emamdjomeh, Los Angeles Times