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Product Highlights // Knog Blinders

Being seen is important for riders going up against some of the traffic on the streets. From the busy metropolitan streets of Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and such, visibility would be most ideal for both riders and car motorists. What better way to do so with style as the Knog Blinders come in cool LED flash designs with shapes such as the arrow, circle, X-out,  and stripes. A cool bonus: USB-rechargeable, meaning that you no longer have to buy batteries and can charge straight out of your laptop or computer. Check out some cool pictures from Knog - see how much personality it adds to your bike and the brightness of the 4 LED lights.

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Taken from the Knog Website: "The Knog Blinder 4 has four super bright LEDs that pump out upto 80 Lumens of front light and 44-Lumens of rear light. Its optimized optics focus and directs a smooth beam pattern that makes the Blinder visible over 800 metres. With 5 dfferent modes (Steady, Fast Flash,Organic Flash 1, Organic Flash 2, Eco flash) and a burn time of up to 3-hours in constant beam and up to 50-hours in eco-flash mode, they will keep you well seen."

Picture Credits: // Stephanie Nitsch //