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Visual Product Presentation // 2013 SE Tripel 3-Speed

We tend to get pretty excited around here when new bikes start rolling in. Especially when you can tell a company is thinking about the customers first and how to create a product that not only looks good, but more importantly caters to the needs of the customer. The new 2013 SE Tripel is a perfect example of this type of thinking. It's got the good looks - emulating a single speed / minimal design but it also has the functionality of a true commuter bike with the addition of the Shimano Nexus 3-speed internal hub and coaster brake. (PLUS, it's only $329) Sometimes it can be hard to show off all of the great features of a product simply through words or photographs - so we are introducing a new video series entitled "Visual Product Presentations". These videos will take you through some of the more important highlights of the products and give you a better look at the details! Check out the first product video for the 2013 SE Tripel 3-Speed Commuter Bike: Click here to shop now >>