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Featured Brand // Herschel Supply Co.

One of our favorite brands that we have brought in over the last year is Herschel Supply Co. While we carry other great brands in the backpack/bag category such as Chrome, Mission Workshop and others - Herschel fits in perfectly as a less technical but very stylish and practical option. The products aren't necessarily built for cycling or have the highly technical features of our other bags, but still serve a similar purpose. Herschel has been rapidly growing, pushing different designs and styles while consistently bridging that gap between form and function at an affordable price.  New Arrival // Herschel Supply Strand Duffel Bag (Olive or Black) - $57.99 Herschel Charlie Card Holder (Available in black, grey, and navy) - $19.99Herschel Supply Little America Backpack (Available in black) is one of the most popular backpacks with a great combination of leather straps and canvas. - $84.99Herschel Charlie Card Holder (Brown or Black Leather) - $29.99 Check out our complete Herschel Supply Co. selection here: