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Instagram Photo Favorites // #CityGrounds

Each week from now on we will be selecting our favorite photos from Instagram with the #citygrounds tag and posting them up on here! Make sure to follow us (@citygrounds) and tag your photos with #citygrounds to get a shot at being featured on here. Check out some of our most recent favorites:@phillysaurusrex showing off his Bianchi build and skateboard. Looks good!@jdrizzy10 picked up some new pedals and shop exclusive CG pins!@vdeckerv showing some City Grounds sticker love on his downtube.@marcgalera with a tire closeup/blur effectand lastly it looks like @chrisbrinlee visited our shop out in Long Beach, snapping a shot of the sign outside. Remember, if you want your picture to show up on the blog just add the #citygrounds tag and it just might get on here! If you aren't already, follow us at @citygrounds.