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Pedal Combo Review // MKS, All-City, Cadence

We often get customers asking "What pedal setup do you ride/recommend?". Many of us here at City Grounds have different preferences, but here's a look into what I (Paul) like to ride. MKS GR-9 - $38 All City Plastic Double Toe Clips - $9 Cadence Double Toe Straps - $65 COMBO DEAL - $90 (save $22!) I've been riding this exact setup for roughly three years, and I have yet to change out my components. MKS GR-9 - $38 - I've tried the MKS Sylvan, MKS Touring, MKS RX-7, and many other branded pedals, but the MKS GR-9 takes the cake! Now depending on the style shoe you wear, you may have felt the discomfort created by the edge on the MKS Sylvan pedal (or other similar track pedals). The GR-9 is designed with a flat platform for a comfortable shoe-to-pedal contact surface. My particular pedal has gone through hell and back; whether it was being used in bike polo matches, ridden in the rain, dropped on its side, and installed/removed countless times between bikes. Through it all, it's withstood all the abuse and still spins like butter. This pedal is the best bang for your buck when it comes down to an affordable platform road/track pedal. All City Plastic Double Toe Clips - $9 - Have you ever had to bend your steel toe clip back to place? I've snapped many steel toe clips; whether it was trying to bend the toe clip back into place after accidentally stepping on it, or from the tensile strength giving out and snapping on me while riding. The shape of this particular toe clip fits most shoes comfortably, and you get a lot more 'pull' when climbing or skidding using these toe clips. The forgiving All City Plastic Double Toe Clips can take plenty of abuse, and is one of the most comfortable double toe clips around! Cadence Double Toe Straps - $65 - Remember the days where we had to pay over $100 for some legit Toshi Double Straps or MKS Fit NJS Double Straps? Since Cadence introduced their version of the double strap years ago, our customers have been able to save a lot more $$$ by spending pretty much half the price on a pair of straps that feel and function just as well as a pair of Toshi's. Made from some sexy suede, Cadence has perfected the double strap. I've been using this particular strap for close to two years, and this strap has yet to budge from its original spot. I've ripped plenty of other branded toe straps within months, but my Cadence Double Straps have withheld all my abuse! Click here or any of the images above to shop for the pedal combo and be sure to check out our other COMBO DEALS!