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Voted Best Bike Shop in Long Beach!

A few weeks ago the Long Beach Post held a "Best of Long Beach" competition in which people could vote via Facebook polls for their favorite local spots with everything from barber shops to best live music venue. We asked for your support and you all answered. City Grounds was voted "Best Bike Shop" and we couldn't be more proud! Our Long Beach store wouldn't be where it's at if not for the unrelenting support of the community and the consistent hard work of our staff. Thank you to everyone who voted and spread the word! Check out the article, as copied from the Long Beach Post newspaper: Best Bike Shop: City Grounds City Grounds has history. And given that history, Abe Mubarak - quite possibly and simply put one of the coolest and most relaxed dudes on a fixie - is confused: "People walk in here and I ask if they need help." He pauses, beginning to hide behind a bike hanging off the wall, imitating the fear of speaking mysteriously induced by the store to newcomers. "It's like they're scared and I'm - I just want to help 'em out." It is that warmth - which can be felt even through facetious jabs mocking beach cruisers and mountain bikers - that has made City Grounds so successful. Not only do they know what they're doing (an absolute essential given the eccentric obsession with specifics that is the bike culture) but when it comes down to it, the members of City Grounds just want you to love riding your wheels. Manager Brendan Sund. "We've really reached out to the community and over the past three or four years, we've really begun catering to the commuter and city rider aspect of Long Beach biking. Y'know, we started fixed-gear, single-speed specific, but since we've branched out to cater to anyone who is pickin' up a bike and riding around."