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P.Fix Sample

We were ecstatic when Specialized decided to ship us a P.Fix sample in July for our customers to test ride before it was available to the open market! With over 100 customers test riding this sample bike, it withstood quite the beating. Whether it was Joe McKeag doing flat 360's on it, or any number of our team riders (Marwin, Congo, Matt Spencer, Corey San Agustin) or customers beating the absolute sh!t out of it, the Specialized P.Fix has blown us away. Sure the wheel is slightly out of true, the grips have been morphed, and the bike has numerous scratches, but these are all issues you would see on any well used FGFS bike. If anything, this is thee toughest and by far the best looking FGFS complete bike in the market! We expected nothing less from Specialized, and they absolutely delivered! Thanks again to Specialized for hooking us up, and if you're interested in purchasing a P.Fix, head into your local City Grounds shop and they'll be a less-used and less-abused sample for you to ride! :) We have all sizes available and they're going for $880. View more details about the P.Fix HERE!