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Loading... & Matt Lingo Photoshoot

Our local friend Brendon David in Long Beach hung out with us the day we had a photoshoot with Matt Lingo and our team riders (Matt, Marwin, Congo, Marty). He slapped together a short video to promote "The LBC MP3 player for people that ride. We spent the day with the City Grounds Fixed Gear Team in the belly of downtown Long Beach, CA: Marty, Congo, Marwin and Matt. They were doing a photo shoot with indie photographer Matt Lingo. Artist, Jeff Nisbet, rolled with us as well. All in all, it was a good crew of people all day long. The first track is from a Long Beach band called Eugene and the 1914. The second track is from a band called Automato. MP3 Player The LBC Photographer Matt Lingo Music Eugene and the 1914 Automato Artist Jeff Nisbet" When you get a chance, check out and pick up one these sweet mp3 players! mp3-player