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2018 Fairdale Road & Commuter Bikes Are Here

Fairdale New Arrivals

At the core of bicycling is the simple and joyful act of balancing on two wheels. Fairdale Bikes continually keeps that mindset and feeling in mind for every bike they design. Fairdale has made it their mission to make bikes that allow people to have fun, and we couldn't be more on board with that idea and are glad to welcome them to our collection of complete bike offerings!

Fairdale Bikes 2018

Whether you are looking for a simple commuter bike, a more versatile road bike, or even a bmx style cruiser - Fairdale has you covered. For 2018, Fairdale has introduced new models this year along with carefully selected upgrades to their existing bikes.

Fairdale Bikes 2018

The great thing about the Fairdale line of bikes is that they offer a little bit of everything and stay true to the mission of just getting people excited about riding bikes. Their consistently unique style and quality builds are what have kept them as a force in the cycling industry.

Fairdale 2018 Bikes

Check out the full line of 2018 Fairdale Bikes including the Fairdale Weekender, Fairdale Taj, Fairdale Goodship, Fairdale Lookfar, and more. Hit the button below to start browsing!

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- Kevin Coleman

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