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Chrome LTD Edition Yalta Backpack // Kuro Mu Black Fog by NOA-

The newest addition to Chrome's Artist Series, the Chrome LTD Edition Yalta Backpack features the original artwork of Japanese artist NOA-. Typically using oil and acrylic paint on canvas or wood, he's known for painting live with a style that emulates Japanese line-making. Each piece of art is influenced by the music he chooses to play as he paints. Most of his inspiration is deeply rooted in hip-hop and graffiti. NOA- created this artwork based on the Japanese phrase, “黒霧” that translates phonetically to Kuro Mu (sounds like Chrome!) and means Black Fog.

These one-of-a-kind Yalta bags come from a 4´ x 12´ canvas and acrylic painting NOA- made. The Artist Series is produced as a limited run. Once they are gone, they're gone for good! Grab one today for $140.00 at City Grounds.


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