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Cadence Collection // SF to LA Photoset by John Daniel Reiss

The Radavist just posted up a great photoset from photographer John Daniel Reiss featuring the main people behind the Cadence Collection on a ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The photoset features some beautiful photography and also introduces the new Flow kits from Cadence alongside other accessories / gear.

"In true Cadence fashion, friends surrounded us when we met at Trouble Coffee & Coconut Club at a very reasonable 9AM on a Monday. Marc, Ramon and Chas had come to see us off on our Southern expedition and with the proper fuel and vices consumed, we began the first leg of our trip to Santa Cruz. To give you the reader some context, a close knit cadre of the Cadence family set off on a five-day journey down the California coast, mostly sticking to the One, with one or two planned and a few more unplanned detours. I was the designated sweeper, photographer and safety expert for the week and this is what I saw."

1-970x6438-970x643Cadence-Reiss Make sure to head over to The Radavist to read the full post and see more photos. Also, keep a lookout for some of this new Cadence Collection to hit City Grounds in the very near future! READ ARTICLE >> SHOP CADENCE >> Photos & Excerpt by John Daniel Reiss & c/o The Radavist