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Levi's Commuter Series New Arrivals & Restock at City Grounds

We have recently restocked and brought in a number of new styles of the Levi’s® Commuter Series! Since the original launch of the commuter series we have felt that it is a perfect fit for our core customer since the clothing is designed and optimized specifically for the needs of the urban commuter cyclist. Key features include water resistant and dirt repellant Nanosphere® Technology, 3M reflectivity, and Sanitized Brand Technology which protects against odors.

Levi’s® also made sure to take the everyday cyclist into consideration when constructing these products with important additions such as the u-lock holding Utility Waistband on all bottoms, reinforced fabric, functional pockets and so many more great details. Whether you are a daily commuter, a weekend warrior or just a casual rider we recommend you take a look at the Levi’s® Commuter Series. Form. Function. Cycling.

levis-commuter-series-spring-2014-collection-01-960x640 levis-commuter-series-spring-2014-collection-07-960x640 levis-commuter-series-spring-2014-collection-02-960x640 levis-commuter-series-spring-2014-collection-04-960x640 levis-commuter-series-spring-2014-collection-05-960x640

Be sure to click the link below and check out all of the offered styles from the Levi's Commuter line such as the 511 Slim Fit Trousers, 511 Slim Fit Jeans, 504 Regular Fit Jeans, Hooded Trucker Jacket and much more.

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