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2014 Red Bull Ride + Style // Video

New video coverage of the 2014 Red Bull Ride + Style event in San Francisco from Wheel Talk & Chop Em Down Films:

"With more than 30 riders from all over the world competing in the freestyle event, things were bound to get wild as everybody geared up for the 2014 Red Bull Ride & Style. Each year they mix up the course and this year they really out did themselves creating one of the best flowing layouts to date. Everyone brought their A-game that day as they stepped up to the plate to empty out their bag of tricks. Elliott Milner brought was linking together lines on the park like he’s ridden it his whole life. Jakob Santos hucked something huge off just about every object there. Joe Mckeag showed everyone what it looks like to ride transition, and Johnathan Ball wasn’t letting anything go untouched."

Freestyle Results: 1st - Matt Reyes 2nd - Johnathan Ball 3rd - Jakob Santos

Track Race Results: 1st - Addison Zawada 2nd - Matt Reyes 3rd - Hern Montenegro

Source: Thumbnail Photo: Dave Beard