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2014 Red Bull Ride + Style: Event Recap

Top fixed gear cyclists from around the world descended on San Francisco's Justin Herman Plaza on May 10 for the fourth annual Red Bull Ride + Style showdown. The blend of fixed freestyle, track racing and street art drew riders from as far away as Korea and Thailand to battle for the top spots. Two-time champs Matt Reyes (freestyle) and Jason Clary (race) had their work cut out for them to defend their 2013 titles.


The day started off on the track course with dozens of guys pushing hard for the number one spot. Despite stellar riding from young and hungry hopefuls like Alex Gonzalez, the final field was filled up with a handful of fixed cycling's greats.

Red Bull Ride + Style 2014 - San Francisco

Duking it out for third place would be pro freestyle rider Kenny Arimoto and State Bicycles' Hernan Montenegro. After a slight mishap from Kenny while rounding a corner, Montenegro would coast to an easy number three on the podium. Ultimate bragging rights would come down to a similar situation with pro freestyler Matt Reyes heading up against past race champ Addison Zawada. A neck-and-neck race for first would come down to a pedal slip, putting Zawada back at number one. As for Reyes, he was far from finished...


All Photography © Garth Milan / Red Bull Content Pool Words by Kris Fay / Red Bull