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Leader Lookbook by Matt Lingo // Issue 03

When you take acclaimed photographer Matt Lingo, quality brands like Leader, Us Versus Them, Cadence and Quoc Pham and add in some interesting characters you are bound to come out with a great project. Matt went on three separate photo shoots with Tony Perry (of Pierce the Veil fame), Jon William Trenton (Leader) and James Banuelos (Us Versus Them) and put together an amazing lookbook. Using different techniques and equipment for each rider, the lookbook successfully connects you to each riders unique style and personality.

"Track bikes mean many different things to many different people. As a photographer, I want to apply unique approaches to aesthetics that accentuate what's already being communicated by the subject - the cyclist. Photographs can't tell a story, but they can certainly hint at one." - Matt Lingo

Check out some of our favorites below, or to view the entire lookbook, click here >>