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17Teeth Kero Fixed Gear Bike Build From City Grounds

A week ago, we built up the 17Teeth Evo frame, this week we decided to build up and showcase the 17 Teeth Kero frame and the 17Teeth Kero Straight Carbon/Alloy Fork. In contrast to the Evo, the Kero features a more traditional fixed gear construction, featuring a 1-1/8" headtube and double butted aluminum tubing. The 2014 Kero also features an eye catching downtube that not only looks sleek and aerodynamic but it also increases the stifness of the frame dramatically. The 2014 17Teeth Kero comes available in matte black, matte grey, tiffany and red for only $145.

We also have limited quantities of the 2013 Kero frame, which you can get on clearance for only $129, has rounder tubing and is available in tiffany, matte black, matte grey and red. Both 2013 and 2014 frames now come with the Kero headset at no added cost (a $25 value!).

If you decide to buy a Kero, make sure to pick up a 17 Teeth Kero Carbon/Alloy fork, available in straight or curved for only $129.00.