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17Teeth Evo Fixed Gear Bike Build from City Grounds

This past Tuesday we announced the arrival of a new brand, 17Teeth. Our goal is to provide a large variety of products and give you, the customer, the ability to make an educated decision. 17Teeth is doing some really interesting things and introducing new ideas to the market. In particular, the new Evo frame features a tapered headtube, going from 1-1/8" at the top to 1-1/2" at the bottom. This allows for the use of a 1-1/2" fork, and is commonly seen in modern performance bikes for a stiffer and more responsive ride. Plus, at only $219.00, the Evo frame is a great deal. Check out a recent Evo complete bike build below and see for yourself..

*Make sure to also check out the 17Teeth 1-1/2" full carbon fork for only $159.00 that is compatible with this particular frame: