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NEW Arrival // Limited Edition Chrome Citizen Salvage Airbag Messenger Bag

In stock now from Chrome is the latest in the ongoing Salvage Series, their Salvage Airbag Citizen. This messenger bag is made from material that has been reclaimed from pre-consumer obsolete airbags. Airbags are a great material for the Salvage Citizen Series since they are built to withstand micro-explosions in order to inflate. They dyed the airbag material grey, and the result of the dye and the variety of material means that each bag is unique enough to be considered a 1 of 1. Every Salvage Airbag Citizen will be tagged with a special label defining airbag and lot numbers. Only 200 of these Salvage Airbags Citizens are available worldwide. Made in USA.

Available now for $180 // Shop Now >>

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Available now for $180 // Shop Now >>