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NEW Arrival // Retrospec Fixed Gear & Commuter Bikes

We have slowly been bringing in new brands and expanding our variety of bikes so all of you have more options when looking for the perfect ride. One of the newest to join the list of City Grounds brands is Retrospec, an urban lifestyle bicycle company out of Los Angeles, CA specializing in fixed gear and singlespeed bicycles offered at a reasonable price point.

We currently are stocking two of their most popular models, the Retrospec Siddhartha Single Speed Commuter bike and the Retrospec Beta Series Fixie bike. The Siddhartha is designed for the modern, urban hybrid rider who is looking for a classically styled commuter bike. The Beta Series fixie bike is an ideal entry level fixed gear bike which combines the minimalistic one gear look in a variety of eye catching colors.

If you are looking into purchasing a new bike either the Siddhartha or Beta Series are great options for the entry-level to intermediate rider. Plus, these won't break the bank or put a dent in your wallet. Both bikes are on sale with the Siddhartha marked down from $320.00 to now only $225.00 and the Beta Series which usually goes for $349.00 now available at $279.00! Check out the color options in the photo gallery below or click here to shop all Retrospec bikes now >>