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RESTOCK // Fuji Track 2.0 Complete, Frameset & Track Group

We just restocked on three of our most popular and sought after products over the past year,  the 2012 Fuji Track 2.0 complete bike, Fuji Track 2.0 frameset, and Fuji Track Group! When we initially brought these in we had trouble keeping them in stock and were constantly selling out. This restock is very limited and might be your last chance to grab one of these products! Don't miss out, stop by one of our retail locations or click here to pick one up online >>

Fuji1 Fuji-Track   Fuji Track 2.0 Complete Bike // $1,299.00 $897.00 - Shop Now >> Fuji Track 2.0 Frameset // $799.00 $549.00 - Shop Now >> Fuji Track Group // $500.00 $389.00 - Shop Now >> Includes Wheels, Handlebar, Stem, Saddle, Chain, Bottom Bracket, Crankset, Brake set, Tires, Grip/Tape, Cassette.