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NEW Arrivals // 2013 Bianchi Super Pista

The 2013 Bianchi Super Pista is one of the most desirable track frames available. Continuing the now retired Pista Concept, the Super Pista updates and brings back the 2004 colorway of Black and signature Bianchi Celeste. A few changes are seen from the Pista Concept to the Super Pista. The first obvious change is the seat tube. The Super Pista seat tube has a deeper profile than the Pista Concept of before. Other changes to the Super Pista include a removable seat post collar, thicker chainstay tubing, and the fork is now drilled for brakes. With all these changes, Bianchi sure does know how to create and move forward with great design and quality.

Shop the new 2013 Bianchi Super Pista HERE!

Shop the new 2013 Bianchi Super Pista HERE