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Riding Essentials // Product Review: Specialized Starter Kit

There are a few things you should never leave behind when out and about riding your bike. We have a few suggestions for the essentials when hitting the streets for those long distances. Riding terrain for cyclists are not always in the best conditions and every now and then we are left on the side of the road with different types of problems. Being equipped with the right tools can help keep your ride going. The Specialized Starter Kit is perfect for riding and storing with its lightweight and compact design. It includes everything you need to carry and more. The kit includes: A seat bag, tire lever, a frame pump, and water bottle cage. The water resistant seat bag is able to hold the pump, tire lever, and other riding essentials. We recommend to carry an extra inner-tube that is specific to the tires you are riding and a form of identification/some cash. You know, just in case you see something cool at the store. The Airtool Road Mini Frame Pump is a compact aluminum body presta valve only pump. The EMT Pro Tire Lever also comes with a bottle opener. A sweet option! The ZEE Cage is made of alloy with a side entry water bottle cage. The sleek design makes this a great add-on to hold the standard water bottle size. Staying hydrated during rides is very important, cramping is no fun. Carrying these essential items will help make your bike ride more enjoyable as well as provide more confidence and safety in your daily commute or long bike ride adventures. Snag all these now by clicking through >>> SHOP HERE! Other Bike Kits available through Specialized - " The EMT kit," which includes a multi-tool (A MUST) and patches >>> SHOP HERE!