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Featured Brand // Lazer Helmets

Whenever we feature a brand or recommend a product it is because we actually use it, enjoy it and want to help our customers out by giving some input. When it comes to helmets, we only carry a few select brands because based on inadvertent crash testing, comfort and style we truly think these brands are the best quality and value. This week's featured brand is Lazer Helmets. We just got a large shipment of these in stock including the Lazer O2, Genesis, Neon, Compact and 2x3M Carbon. What's nice about this selection of helmets is that they can cater to a variety of riding styles and won't empty your wallet. PLUS, check out our coupon code below for a limited time offer: USE COUPON CODE LAZER15 FOR 15% OFF ANY LAZER HELMET.  The Lazer Neon Helmet ($54.00) is an ideal road/casual cycling helmet for a beginning to intermediate rider. One of the main features of this helmet is the Rollsys fit system, which allows you to adjust the size of the helmet just by rolling a dial that is on the top of the helmet. The Neon also has sixteen vents to keep you cool, weighs just 300 grams and is available in four colors: blue/white, black/black, red/white and silver/white. Check out the video below, or click here to shop now >>     The next step up is the Lazer O2 Helmet ($99.00), featuring the same Rollsys Retention system but more vents (24) and internal ventilation channels for optimum airflow. Not only does that ventilation help, but Lazer has added Coolmax padding to keep your head as cool as possible. The Lazer O2 Helmet is available in 6 different colors and weighs 310 grams. Check out the video below, or click here to shop now >>   Lastly, the Lazer Genesis Helmet ($139.95) features the Rollsys retention system, the rigidity brace system for multi-impact protection, 19 vents to keep your head cool and weighs in at 309 grams. This helmet is available in four color options including black/black, black/white, silver/white, and matte white as well as two sizing options for optimal fit. Check out the video below, or click here to shop now >> Click here to shop ALL Lazer products >>