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Chubby Grounds, City Boob Race - 9/10

As a part of the Bicycle Film Festival we are teaming up with Chubby Boob to host the "Chubby Grounds, City Boob Race". The race will start at City Grounds Long Beach at 6PM and end at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles at 8:30PM. Also, as a twist, Chubby Boob will be dispensing cards out of their spoke card vending machine that will dictate mystery race teams. Racers will be paired up with another racer of the corresponding card. Both racers must work together and finish at the same time. For more race details see the flyer below! Track Bike only race: 9/10/11 Meet @ 5:30/Starts @ 6:00 pm/End @ 8:30
  • -Race from A to B
  • -No check points, racers choose route
  • -Team division and individual
  • -Finish at block party
-Fastest in both divisions *Starts at City Grounds, ends at Downtown Independent