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So, I'm workin' at the shop this Wednesday and Paul drops this box off to me: goodfirstweb1 Needless to say I was juiced. I had been scoping the new Chrome shoes since the boys from up north brought samples by a few months ago. I must say these shoes are very well made. They have double stitching and reinforcement in all the right places, and the little reflective patch on the back is a nice touch, not to mention they look fly. handshoeweb I tossed them on to see how they performed. I first noticed the extra stiffness from the "propulsion plate" which doesn't extend all the way to the toes, so it feels fine to walk on. These are definatly some comfortable shoes. I couldn't wait to ride to see how they do their intended job: footandbikeweb1 Since I've gotten these kicks I've probably rode about 40 miles in them, and I am impressed. They are nice and stiff, I can feel that they transmit the power to the pedal much better than my beat-down Sambas. I want to thank Nick Henjum at Chrome for hooking us up with three pairs of kicks to try out. We really appreciate it, and are spreading the good word on these shoes to all. If you guys out there need some new shoes to replace whatever stinky beat-up kicks you are currently riding in, I suggest you come into Citygrounds, or LBFG and order a pair up. There are multiple styles and colorways to suit your picky taste too!