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  • Aventon Parts Group Kit
  • Aventon Parts Group Kit


Aventon Parts Group Kit

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Take the inconvenience of building a parts list away with the Aventon Push Groupset. Designed with fixed gear riding in mind this package is the real deal with Push cranks, drop bars and Tektro Brakes, you’ll have everything you need to build the project at hand. Aventon has even included our Aventon Saddle, Bartape and pedals.
Handlebars:Aventon Push Handlebars 31.8mm
Stem:Aventon 100mm Stem (w/ spacers)
Tape:Black Microfiber Grip Tape
Saddle:Aventon Chro-mo Railed Saddle
Seat Post:Aventon Set-Back Seat Post
Crankset:Aventon Push Crankset
Bottom Bracket:Sealed Bearing Cartridge Bottom Bracket 68 x 103mm
Crankset:Aventon Push Crankset
Pedals:Platform Pedals
Chain:Single-speed chain
Brakes:Front & Rear Tektro Brakes