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  • Ass-Savers x All-City Rear Fender


Ass-Savers x All-City Rear Fender

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The Ass Saver Original is now their third generation foldable saddle mudguard. Proven and tested in the field, it's a simple solution to the annoying brown stripe down the back of your pants.

The ASO-3 is compatible with all standard rail saddles thanks to our patent pending attachment system. The ASO-3 is a breeze to mount and once in place, it stays in place. When not in use, it can be folded up and stored underneath your seat. The unique attachment system also ensures a more durable product that is less sensitive to wear and tear. 

So whether you're urban shredding, winter training or just prefer to keep your behind unsoiled, the Ass Saver Original is your new best friend!
-Keeps your butt dry on wet roads
-Easy to mount, no tools required 
-Fits every standard rail saddle
-Super lightweight, only 15 grams
-Folds to hide under the saddle
-Patent pending, made in Sweden 


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